i am some kind of artist.

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so i didn't ever post this link here oooops.

i've been posting my sketches over on tumblr anymore for various reasons.  i have disqus installed so you can comment if you feel so inclined. (haha)

been pushing my style, and i think the fresh start helped that a fair bit.  my drawing looks totally different from how it used to -- you'd have to tell me if it's even recognizable anymore. :\  but i like it a lot and i'm happy with it.  things are pretty much entirely scans of pencil in sketchbook right now as i'm still practicing, getting comfortable with where my style is going.  but this is pretty much where i wanted to be when my block/shift started a year ago, so i'm ecstatic that i've reached my goal.  ughhh i love drawing so much again!
my name is jake.

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really considering cross-posting my sketchblog to tumblr. i like how LJ allows comments but tumblr's so much easier. :\ le sigh, i dunno. i like the idea of having things just here but ennnghghh.

tumblr folks: which would you prefer? i'll probably still cross-post here, but tumblr will be as-they're-drawn and LJ more mass posts less often.

some things i drew a bit ago...

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